Teaching Experience

I have been an Adjunct Communications Professor at Indiana Tech since January 2019. I am responsible for the development, structure and assignment/exam construction for a variety of communications courses.

I have both a Master’s Degree in Communication and a Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communication Management from Purdue University.

Courses Taught (in-person, hybrid, and online)

  • COMM 1400: Public Communication (Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020, Fall 2020, Spring 2021)
  • COMM 2700: History of Mass Media (Spring 2020, Spring 2021)
  • COMM 2800: Social Media Communication (Spring 2020, Spring 2021)
  • COMM 3650: TV Broadcasting (Fall 2020)
  • COMM 4100: Theories of Communication (Fall 2020)


I had a variety of phenomenal communication instructors during my undergraduate and graduate career and have tried my best to mirror some of their greatest qualities and teaching methods in my own classroom. This includes utilizing humor, personal experiences, class activities, and challenging, but fun assignments that encourage learning and retention.

Every student is unique and has an abundant skill set. However, not every student learns the same way. Personally, I learn best from visuals, but in my experience I have found some students prefer group, hands-on activities, while others are perfectly fine with a simple lecture.

In my courses, I utilize visual activities (videos, PowerPoint presentations, object lessons), physical exercises (speech critiques, group case studies, speeches), and sometimes a completely different venue for class altogether when the weather is nice, as Indiana Tech has a nice outdoor amphitheater that mixes things up from the typical classroom environment.

Although I am an adjunct instructor, I have a 24/7 policy: If a student needs any help or clarification on an assignment, they can reach out to me at any time. Their ability to learn, retain, and apply information learned in class is my number one priority.

I am always learning and improving on my teaching methods, and am excited to add to these experiences in the years to come.

Student Feedback

The following comments were received by past students of mine about COMM 1400–Public Communication

Isaiah D., 2019: This course really helped me build my confidence in public speaking as I was very apprehensive of it before. 

Leezamarie G., 2019: You’re a fun person, and you just bring in positive energy that makes the class less intimidating…it is very obvious that you love your job!

Dustan H., 2019: I was very impressed with how functional and productive the classroom was throughout the duration of this course. I would’ve never known that you were new to the world of teaching if you hadn’t told me and you seemed to have a natural ability to teach a classroom. I also thought you were very upfront and friendly in your demeanor and you were very inclusive of all students.

Alison M., 2019: I really enjoyed just having you as a professor. You are a lot of fun and you like having fun with the class and actually take an interest in us. I also liked that by the end of the semester I felt comfortable having conversations with my classmates. In college especially, most students just go to class and listen to lecture and then that’s it, but with your class we all were like comfortable with each other.

Marina S., 2019: What I liked the most about this course was having you teach it. You made each student feel important, you made the course hands-on, and brought good energy to the classroom.