Teaching Experience

Matt Leach has been an Adjunct Communication Professor at Indiana Tech since January 2019. He is responsible for the development, structure and assignment/exam construction of a variety of communications courses.

He has both a Master’s Degree in Communication and a Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communication Management from Purdue University.

Courses Taught (in-person, hybrid, and online)

  • COMM 1400: Public Communication
  • COMM 2350: Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 2700: History of Mass Media
  • COMM 2800: Social Media Communication
  • COMM 3650: TV Broadcasting
  • COMM 4100: Theories of Communication
  • COMM 4200: Media Ethics & Law


“I had a variety of phenomenal communication instructors during my undergraduate and graduate career and have tried my best to mirror some of their greatest qualities and teaching methods in my own classroom. This includes utilizing humor, personal experiences, class activities, and challenging, but fun assignments that encourage learning and retention.

“Every student is unique and has an abundant skill set. However, not every student learns the same way. Some learn best from visuals while others prefer group, hands-on activities. There are also students who are perfectly fine with a simple lecture.

“In my courses, I try to accommodate my teaching to all learning styles by utilizing visual activities (videos, PowerPoint presentations, object lessons), physical exercises (speech critiques, group case studies, speeches), and sometimes a completely different venue for class altogether when the weather is nice, as Indiana Tech has a nice outdoor amphitheater that mixes things up from the typical classroom environment.

“Although I am adjunct, I have a 24/7 policy: If a student needs any help or clarification on an assignment, they can reach out to me at any time. Their ability to learn, retain, and apply information learned in class is my number one priority.

“I am always learning and improving my teaching methods, and am excited to add to these experiences in the years to come!”

Course Evaluation Comments

The following comments regarding Matt’s communication courses were received by students through anonymous online course evaluations administered by Indiana Tech:

Fall 2020, COMM 1400 (Public Communication): Professor Leach kept reminding us as students that we are capable and that no matter how bad we feel about trying to talk in front of people we are able to do it and are capable of being great at it.

Fall 2020, COMM 1400 (Public Communication): You’re amazing! I loved your course. Your way of implementing learning was very creative through student debates and presentations

Fall 2020, COMM 1400 (Public Communication): I would highly recommend this course to anyone, even if someone does not have to take it. I am not a huge fan of public speaking, but Professor Leach always made me feel more comfortable in those situations. He was one of the best professors I have had at Indiana Tech.

Fall 2020, COMM 1400 (Public Communication): Student engagement is probably the hardest thing I can imagine an instructor working through. Professor Leach did an amazing job getting everyone engaged and overall made it a safe environment for everyone to discuss and have an open mind.

Fall 2020, COMM 1400 (Public Communication): I loved how the professor made the class a safe haven for each student that entered. The classroom was an open space for ideas and opinions which allowed for the students to speak more confidently and I greatly appreciate it.

Fall 2020, COMM 4100 (Theories of Communication): I think having Matt Leach as a teacher was what contributed most to my learning. He’s an awesome teacher and he’s really good at it! If someone doesn’t understand, he makes sure to slow down and never leaves a student behind.

Fall 2020, COMM 4100 (Theories of Communication): The PowerPoints were extremely helpful to my learning. They were very easy to understand and he spoke our language as young adults, which is a huge aspect.

Fall 2020, COMM 4100 (Theories of Communication): Every day I came it to this class, it put a smile on my face. Leach will connect with all of his students, making them want to come to class every day. I wish he was my teacher for every class. I also like how he gets advice from his husband! His husband will usually take the students side and I love it. He’s a great teacher!

Fall 2020, COMM 4100 (Theories of Communication): He did really well teaching this course, was able to keep us interested even if the content is slightly boring. Really great at communicating and reminding of due dates, connecting with students, and being a positive part of our school day! One of my favorite profs!