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These are just a few of the reviews left on Matt’s Facebook page over the past three years:

Cathy C.

Matt has great community outreach chops when it comes to keeping us informed of the weather. His FB live sessions are fun, informative and insightful. I love science – he does too!

Molly M.

Great information from an unbiased logical source. Always appreciate the accuracy and the humor. Also, the fact that I think he really just enjoys his career and the science of weather is pretty awesome. You can’t go wrong with predictions from a person who seems to enjoy the research and interpretation process. Well done!

Rick G.

He is spot on with forecast and after meeting him, he is a genuine good person

Shannon P.

Matt is wonderful! He is my favorite weather dude and here is why…I appreciate how responsible he is about not over-hyping weather forecasts. He is conscientious and mindful about how he reports the weather….he also has a great sense of humor! Additionally, he is a friend to his viewers and even communicates about the weather to his viewers when he isn’t even at work! You can can tell he really cares about the Fort Wayne community too. He is authentic and a gem to this community! We are so very fortunate to have him here!

Cris H.

Good personality and cautious careful forecasts. Instead of jumping in with dire predictions his more cautious approach is more accurate

Dustin D.

I appreciate what you do for the area. You’re our go to guy for weather here in Huntington. Thanks buddy!

Carol L.

His forecasts are usually what we experience and his communication style is very engaging. Love the humor! I hope he sticks around Fort Wayne for a very long time and doesn’t become bored telling us that we should expect chilly and rainy days all the time!

Brandon E.

Matt tells you just like it is, no hype unless it’s needed, wonderful Meteorologist, you’re greatly appreciated and respected, by me!

Kathy G.

Really enjoy his professionalism and his genuine caring about people. His weather predictions are usually pretty accurate.

Rebecca S.

He is very informative and really explains weather patterns so the listener can understand what is happening! He also obviously loves his job!!